"A law is valuable, not because it is a law, but because there is right in it."

- Henry Ward Beecher

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GCLO-Guram Chaduneli Law Office offers corporations, as well as private persons a full-scale legal assistance in civil, administrate and criminal laws in Georgian, English and German languages.

Main areas of our practice include Litigation and Arbitration, Contracts, Corporate transactions, Real Estate and Property, Labor and Employment Law, Family and Inheritance Law. Our team of attorneys and lawyers will represent the interests of client in courts and arbitration mostly in civil and administrative proceedings, including general contractual/commercial disputes, tort and property damage issues, family and inheritance cases etc.


Litigation and Arbitration

Our team of attorneys and lawyers will represent the interests of client in courts and arbitration


Our experienced lawyers will assist on drafting/expertising the optimal contracts...

Corporate Transactions

We will assist on company formation under some main aspects of legislation...

Real Estate and Property

Our company will assist the clients while conducting transactions regarding real estate...

Labor and Employment Law

Under the employment related issues, our company gives full legal service...

Family and Inheritance Law

Our company will assist the clients in numerous cases, such as: Drafting of marriage contracts; Divorces...

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  • “Our company deeply believes that in order to be serious about creating a monumental business or you are looking to expand your existing footprint, it is exigent who to bring to the table. When it comes to corporate clients, sales and business partners, it is extremely important to have a proper Legal Service. Guram Chaduneli Law Office is a Legal Service who our company highly recommends to bring to the table. They are reliable, competent and knowledgeable legal support for us, that provides sharply minded legal decisions. Our partnership gives us feeling of safety and it strengthens our relations regarding any business decision”.
    George Tsiramua
  • Center for Contemporary Labour Law
  • ETS
  • GeoHydro
  • Hermes
  • Logistics Solutions
  • LS Heavylift
  • M.G. Logistics
  • Retco
  • Sakartvelo's Certified Guides Association
  • Schirnhofer
  • Yamuna Georgia