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GCLO law firm’s practise area includes civil, administrative and corporate law, labour law, Real estate, Family and inheritance as well as banking law. Taking into consideration the interests of client, our experienced lawyers will assist on drafting/expertising the optimal contract and are willing to accompany the clients in the negotiation process.

In addition, Our company provides legal advice to supplier organizations in state procurement. GCLO law firm offers corporations, as well as private persons a full-scale legal assistance in civil and administrative laws in Georgian, English and German languages.

Litigation and arbitration

Our team of attorneys and lawyers will represent the interests of client in courts and arbitration mostly in civil and administrative proceedings, including general contractual/commercial disputes, tort and property damage issues, family and inheritance cases etc. We offer our clients as well pretrial dispute resolution service, whereas our lawyer on behalf of the best interests of the client will lead the negotiation process. We support the enforcement of foreign court acts as well as arbitral awards in Georgia.


Taking into consideration the interests of client, our experienced lawyers will assist on drafting/expertising the optimal contract and are willing to accompany the clients in the negotiation process. We will support you on drafting various kinds of contracts, such as sale and purchase, distribution, service and other agreements. Our lawyers will assist on international business transactions taking into account the best interests of clients. When a number of interrelated transactions are required, our lawyers will assist in structuring a transnational strategy that is tailored to achieve your commercial targets and offers the ideal scenario for project implementation to avoid any potential legal risks.

Corporate transactions

Our lawyers will assist on company formation under some main aspects of legislation as well as opening the branches and representative offices. One of the most disputed issues is to advise the clients the right legal form for the formation of company. We will help on legal due diligence in the framework of sale and purchase of companies shares and assets and investment projects. Our services in corporate law include comprehensive legal support of M&A transactions, including transaction structuring, development of sale and purchase and shareholders’ agreements and other transaction documents and obtaining the preliminary consent of the antitrust authority.

Real Estate and Property

Our company will assist the clients while conducting transactions regarding real estate, such as sales and purchase proceeding, lease. Our lawyers will be involved in the sale of mortgaged assets, eviction of estate and any alteration to a property’s specified purpose.

Labor and Employment Law

Under the employment related issues, our company gives full legal service to both to the companies as well as to the employes. The experience shows that it is crucial for the companies to be operating with compliance to the Labor Code of Georgia, therefore we see our mission to give you the timing and proper legal advise on employment related issues. Our lawyers will assist on drafting the labour contracts, prepare and review internal policies and represent the client in court proceedings. We are proud to announce that our lawyers are following on regular basis to the newest amendments of the labour code as well as the latest relevant cases of Georgian Courts. This gives us the confidence that we will represent our client proudly in any of those employment related issues.

Family and Inheritance Law

We deeply believe that this is the area, where the emotions and feelings of the clients are extremely sharpened, whereas in the process the role of the lawyers are of huge importance to give the best possible solution of the problem to both of the parties. Our company will assist the clients in numerous cases, such as: Drafting of marriage contracts; Divorces, all types of marriage claims (parents rights, alimony and etc.); Claims for receiving of the larger part of the property acquired during the marriage; Consultations and legal assistance regarding with the adoption procedures; Consultation on family and inheritance legal matters etc.

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